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La plateforme pour écrire, organiser et diffuser la recherche

En savoir plus


PEERS accompagne les chercheurs qui partagent notre rêve

Le formatage automatique, l'intelligence artificielle et les technologies de réseautage social nous permettent de repenser la recherche dans un modèle complètement libre et autonome.

A platform to facilate research

Developed by academics for academics.

For a non profit approach

A completely free site, for readers and authors alike

An open system

To promote transparancy in research, for ideas to reviewing


Write your papers

A simple and free text editor

Specialized for academic work and designed to save time when writing research papers.

Publish and and keep track of each version of your work ...

...under the license of your choice, and ask the community for reviews, comments and suggestions.

Download your work...

...in many formats and automatically formatted, so that you can send it to journals

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Organize your research network

Start a community of researchers

Quickly and simply, without having to fill any paperwork.

Your community will have its own page...

.. a blog and a space for its written and audio publications, no technical training or code needed.

Manage the life of your community

Thanks to a private forum, a public forum and a newsletter system.

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Curate a new type of journal

Publish academic collections adapted to web 2.0

Distribute free collections of multimedia works, by setting your own inclusion conditions in a flexible and transparent way, in a model inspired by playlists.

Journals, without exclusivity

Collections may include works published on PEERS, external works and works published in other collections.

Collaborative reviewing

Collections can be built with a classic closed reviewing system or on an innovative open reviewing system.

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Nos objectifs

PEERS est en développement depuis octobre 2018. Grâce au soutien de nos partenaires, nous pouvons développer une plateforme complètement libre pour accompagner l'ouverture de la recherche.

Offer a suite of free tools integrated with each other

Develop free, accessible and optimized software for academics.

Publish open source code

Thanks to an open API system, website owners will be able to take elements from PEERS and integrate them into their own platform.

Scientific publishing for everyone

Small teams, decentralized networks, juniors researchers and developing countries.


Our goal is independance

You control the license with which you publish, you can archive works published elsewhere under the same conditions as archiving sites, and you can exporta your documents in many formats to keep them on your personal machine.


Keep control of your publications

Whenever possible we use independent cloud providers (Scaleway in France, Render.com for Frankfurt), and use open source technologies. We develop our own independant ressources when they do not currently exist.


We are at your disposal

A team of engineers from Aix-Marseille University is available every day to help you with site navigation or in case of problems. Please contact them here in case of need.

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